How building clean water wells impacts communities in Cambodia

Water Wells for CambodiaFor many people,it’s hard to imagine not having access to clean water,but in reality it is a privilege that many do not have in some parts of the world.

In Cambodia,although drinking water is abundant in the soil, it is difficult to get and many times local streams that are polluted with waterborne diseases are the only way they have to access water, leaving communities exposed to many diseases such as diarrhea, hepatitis A, cholera vibrio and others. Not to mention the several miles many of these people walk every day to achieve retaining ponds or far-away rivers bringing the water back in plastic containers. A brutal effort many times made by children.

Donations Help

Whit the extreme poverty in these regions communities do not have financial capacity to build clean water wells for drinking. But thanks to the help and donations from various international organizations working in Cambodia this situation has changed over the years improving the lives of many communities in Cambodia.

Each well of clean water can cost about $150, a fortune to most people of Cambodia, with an income of only $1 per day, but within means of many people in many parts of the world. With everyone contributing with a little donation to any of these international bodies soon every single village in Cambodia will have his own well of clean water.

This helps to prevent diseases, maintaining the communities healthier and happier with a better public hygiene. There is no need to spend time and effort to walk several miles for polluted water anymore. With more time available, children can stay in school and parents can work for the improvement of the economy.

You can contribute

Any amount is valid and helps. $5, $10, even $1-2 will build up and accomplish much.

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