How Can You Prevent Cross Pollinating With Genetically Modified Crops

Gmo PollutionLarge seed businesses with their genetically modified seeds and harvests have been in the news a lot recently. These corporations create their own variants of plants of all types, and they hold the patent on their creations.

All for Control

The reason behind this is that individuals who plant genetically modified seed (usually commercial farmers) are under contract with the seed business. Companies of genetically modified seed need to retain control of, and profit from all the seed to be had.

The fact that bees and other pollinators aren’t under the control of these firms can cause complication. This could cause you lots of issues, as well as adding unknown materials into your natural produce. This is significant because some of the things that are occurring with genetic alteration, including programming plants to create pesticide as they grow, are rather frightening. This maximizes the necessity to prevent cross pollinating with gmo seeds in your garden.

Pollinators aren’t only insects, though. Remember that plants may also be pollinated by the wind. Because of this, it’s very important that you simply familiarize yourself environmental pollination.

How to Fight

Besides understanding what’s already in your immediate environment, you can assist in preventing the encroachment of GMO crops in your region by practicing the time honored custom of seed sharing. If you’ve got great heirloom crops and seeds, make sure you share them with your gardening neighbors. Discuss with your neighbors about the many advantages of selecting heirloom seeds. Among these are better flavor and nourishment, greater hardiness and more efficient putting.


When you select heirloom seeds and plants over genetically modified, and even crossed garden plants, you’re actually choosing food and monetary freedom. With heirloom plants, you possess the seed. It’s possible for you to keep the greatest seed from the finest plants and enhance your own harvests from one year to the next.

At present, the ideal way to avoid pollution of your harvests by cross pollination with genetically modified crops would be to get as much space between yourself and them as feasible keep a close eye in your local setting to prevent the encroachment of GMOs. Individuals all over the world are protesting the fast spread of genetically modified plants and seeds. You can do your part, also, by protecting your own corner of the world and boosting the development of heirloom varieties.

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